Simply a place to chat.

With a few simple features...

Impersonation Protection

When we added our login system, we did so in order to create a less annoying platform. One where your identity couldn't be stolen by some random person. This was the sole reasoning behind it. If you see a user with a name that looks like this, they are using the platform as a guest. This means that the name they are using is not owned by them. Making an account is painless and takes less than a minute!

Lively messages!

Due to the way messages are stored, users used to be able to write html (and even javascript) into their messages. Due to this being a MASSIVE SECURITY FLAW, we implemented a new system which aimed to give users access to these same features without, you know, breaking everything for everyone.

Formatting reference:





c[color, text]





[Image appears here]

By the way, links automatically hyperlink. You're welcome!

Email notifications for forums

This one is really simple. Just click the "enable emails" button on any forum. The process is the same to disable it too!


There are a few badges you can earn through various means, which are displayed below.


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